Meggilu and Molly


Megan (aka Meggilu)
Born: November 24th in NJ, USA.
Artist, musician, and adventurer.

I created Meggilu House to be an outlet for my multiple hobbies and interests, and to serve as a community to those who share them as well. It would also be a place to feature my artwork and life endeavors, big or small. I’ve always used websites and blogs as a form of expression ever since I got my first computer in the late 90s. From Dogz featured sites, to diaryland blogs. It was my favorite part of having a summer off of school. With Meggilu House I finally feel like I have a place that is complete and entirely “me”. It’s like a secret tree-house I can retreat too after a bad day.


Molly Weasley
Born: February 1st, 2007
Cat lover, chicken imitator, and pro napper.

Named after my favorite HP character, Molly is my adorable dachshund/bichon mix doggy daughter and the mascot of Meggilu House. I sold practically all of my Blythe collection to “save” her from a pet store. She is my best friend and is always by my side!