Commission Info


I am now accepting commissions for doll face-ups! This page will house all the info you need for commissioning my services. I have added a lot of new options, so please be sure to look over everything here thoroughly. If you have questions please contact me before reserving my services. I look forward to working with you!


About Meggilu

My name is Megan, also known as Meggilu, and I am located in NJ, USA. I began customizing dolls in 2005 when I first discovered Blythe, and later I moved onto doing BJD face-ups in 2007. I am currently working on dolls while trying to get into production design, and doing research to eventually build my own tiny house.

Dolls I will accept.

I currently will work on BJDs resin or vinyl (Dollfie Dream), Blythe, Pullip, Azone, Monster High, Ever After High. If you do not see the doll or any figure mentioned feel free to contact me to discuss options! I am interested in working in anything cute, elegant, fantasy, sci-fi, or even horror/gore themed. So it doesn’t hurt to ask! Recasts are not accepted.

What is a “mock-up” and a “face-up”? 

A mock-up is like a digital face-up. The artist works digitally on a photo of a doll (preferably with a blank face) to figure out the best direction to take in the design of a doll and it’s “character”. (Example)

A face-up is the application of aesthetic detail to the face/head of a doll using high-quality artist paints, pastels, and mediums; and is then sealed using a matte acrylic varnish.


Example of mock-up (left) and resulting face-up (right) using the mock-up as a reference.

The Rervation and Commission Process

(please read thoroughly)

Firstly, please be aware that I have a 1 FULL DOLL PER PERSON maximum with each reserved commission.


Step 1: Contact Me

To begin, contact me to have a one-on-one discussion of your dolly plans and I will provide you with an estimate.


Step 2: Reservation Deposit

Your reservation is then accepted with a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the initial estimate. This deposit lets me know you’re serious with working with me and acts as a security for the work I will be doing. Once payment is received your spot is secured and you are placed on the progress list.


Step 3: Send Doll

I will provide you with instructions and info for sending your doll to me.


Step 4: Work Begins

After your doll has arrived to me I will contact you and begin working as soon as possible. A commission may take 3-8 weeks depending on work load. If you ordered a mock-up I will start working on a mock-up first. Mock-ups can be edited until you are satisfied. Once designs are agreed upon I will begin the other services. You may follow your doll’s progress on the progress list, and feel free to contact me any time during the process with questions or concerns.

IMPORTANT: It is possible that during this time changes can occur or be requested that may affect the total price. Any possible price changes will be brought to your attention prior to completion.


Step 5: Work Complete, Returning Home

When your doll is complete I will send photographs for your approval. If there are any problems or corrections to be made we will work together until everything is in order! Each commission has one free do-over option if you are unhappy with the outcome. (Read more about policy under the disclaimer below!) Once everything is approved the remaining balance plus shipping is paid. I will then send them home!


Shipping processing and payment is the responsibility of the owner. I accept commissions from all over the world. If you are shipping internationally please specify if you require special instructions for a safe return home. Please pack your dolls carefully and as if they already have a face-up, this will help me package them as securely as possible when returning home! Insurance is encourage as once the doll leaves my hands the occurrence of damage or loss is always possible! I add a small handling fee of $2 when returning package for printing, tape, labels etc. Here are the USPS Extra Services prices.


 Reservation Fee (all doll types) – 50% of service estimate
(non-refundable down-payment and is part of final total.)

 Painting Services for BJD

Basic Face-up* – $135
Freckles – nose $5 | nose and cheeks $10 | whole face $15
Painted Hair – sm $10 | med $15 | lrg $20 | whole head $30
Face Tattoos/Scars – $10-150 (contact me)
Manicure – $35
Pedicure – $35

*Basic face-up includes cleaning, make-up, protective sealing, and eyelash application.

Artist’s Choice (BJD heads only) – $95

Let the artist to be inspired by the sculpt and allow full freedom over face-up/character creation. Purchasing artist’s choice you agree to place the trust in me as an artist. You can ask about my ideas for you doll before purchasing, or have it be a surprise. If you are not satisfied with my ideas then I would suggest a full custom face-up where you are in charge. Cleaning and eyelashes included. Face-up work is purchased upfront, free do-overs are not accepted.

Services for Vinyl Dolls (Azone, Monster High, etc.)

Basic Face-up* – $100+ (contact me)
Freckles – nose $5 | nose and cheeks $10 | whole face $15
Painted Hair – sm $10 | med $15 | lrg $20 | whole head $30
Face Tattoos/Scars – $10-150 (contact me)
Eye opening – $20
Add 3D eyelashes – $5

*Basic face-up includes cleaning, painting eyes/eyelashes, protective sealing, and make-up.


 Services for Blythe Dolls

Blythe services are more complicated and can run from $175 – $500+.
Please contact me for a quote.

What I offer:

Head Opening
Facial hair painting
Eyelid painting and details
Eyelash application
Mouth/philtrum carving
Nose shaping
Adding teeth
Gaze Correction/Eye boggling
Sleepy Eyes
Eye whitening
Eyechip changing
(eyechips supplied by you)

What I don’t offer:

Reroot or Wefting
Wig Making
Body mods

Extra Services Pricing

The following services can be purchased upfront without reservation or added to a face-up commission total.


 Apoxy Mod Services for BJD & Blythe

Adding fangs with Apoxy – $15
Other Apoxy mods without removing resin are available, please contact me.


♥ Repair Services for BJD

Meggilu Face-up Repair – Free
Face-up Repair – (contact me)
Simple chip and broken resin repair – (contact me)

Heavy modifications that produce substantial amounts of resin or plastic dust and full body blushing are not available for any doll type.

The Materials I Use

Golden or Vallejo Matte Varnish (sealant with airbrush) 
Liquitex, Golden, Winsor & Newton acrylics, watercolor, and gouache (paints)
Unison and Rembrandt (pastels)
Windsor & Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer, Magic Eraser, 100% acetone (vinyl dolls only), and 90% alcohol (cleaning)
Aves Apoxie


Face-up Repair entails the replacement of details that have been removed from handling, accidents, or face-up defect; and are preformed to restore the face-up to its original state. Repairs are not for changing or adding new details to the original design.
Meggilu Face-up Repair follow the same above but are available to anyone in possession of a BJD with a face-up done by me. I will be repairing as I see fit based off of the original design. Modified or added design requests are not accepted. These services are free, but shipping both ways is paid by you.
Resin Repair available for small or simple chips and broken pieces of resin. More extensive work may not be available. Always contact me to see if I can accept your request.


My Rights – I uphold the right to deny services at any time. Face-up service can be turned down if I feel I am not capable of doing what is asked. Always be aware that situations may occur that cause me to have to halt commissions, even if there are still clients with reservations. Dolls in my possession will be returned to their owner, face up or not, current face up intact or wiped, depending on the situation. Shipping is at your expense.
Payment & Shipping – Reservation fees are non-refundable. Remaining commission fees are paid after approval of completed work. Shipping to and from is owner’s responsibility. When you agree to ship your doll both ways you understand that damage or loss can occur in transit. Insurance is highly advised for very expensive items.
I Do Not Accept – Reservations for dolls not yet purchased, porcelain dolls, and recasts.
Non-Payment – If a doll is completed and final payment cannot be made I will hold your doll until a payment agreement can be reached. If final payment is refused to be paid, and an agreement cannot be made, then I will return the doll to you blank and shipped at your expense.
Refunds – Reservation deposits and other upfront purchases (mock-up, Artist’s Choice) are non-refundable 3 days after purchase. Commission services can be partially refunded based on situation, and if I feel it is justified. I uphold my right to deny a refund request if I feel it is unjust.
Work Time – Dolls are worked on in order they are received. I try to complete within 3-8 weeks of their arrival but can take longer depending on current work-load.
Do-Overs – If you are unhappy with a face-up I will not charge you for the first face-up do-over. However, there will be a charge of 50-100% of the initial face-up price added for each do-over request afterward, depending on complexity. (Not applicable for “Artist’s Choice” face-ups.)
Damage – Face-ups are delicate. I package dolls for the trip home as safely as I can, but damage to the face-up in transit is always possible, even with face masks. Be aware you are shipping at your own risk!! I offer repair services for any damage to doll or face-up, which are charged depending on the situation.

If you have read through all the information contact me to begin commission!