Failures and lessons.

By on August 31, 2015

Everyone fails at something, sometime in their life. Maybe even a million time before a breakthrough occurs! There’s one thing I struggle with and that is facing failure. Sometimes the thought of failing at something will stop me from even attempting it! That’s why I haven’t even tried working on the tons of Monster High and EverAfter High dolls I have! Other times I will have this delusional idea that I will be pretty good at something right off the bat, and start a project full force to later realize it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. And actually, I kind of suck!

Working on the Souldoll Asiter has proved to be that type of journey. I’ve carved Blythe before, I’ve done a tiny bit of apoxie modifications. I thought this would work out just fine! I was wrong! Over-carving, asymmetry, and ignorance have gotten the best of me. I cannot for the life of my get both sides of the face to match up (the liquid eyeliner curse!), and that’s caused me to over-carve to where I can poke my x-acto right through the crease of the eyelid to the inside! I also thought that I didn’t really need to look at references, I could just use my own mind and eyes. PSSSHAW! What do they know!?! So it looks like I must move back to adding more apoxie to build back up what I took away.

The lesson of this is that I must not give up! I am determined to make a beautiful and unique doll! I really want to get better at this because I enjoy the idea of creating something (character, creature, prop etc.) from an idea with my own two hands! I will take a break to look up more infomation about sculpture and in the meanwhile work on completing Evey, my Blythe doll. Which reminds me! I also have a 17″ Monster High Clawdeen doll now! Maybe I can practice working on vinyl doll faceups with her first since she’s so large! Wish me luck!

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    Lock Nessy

    September 3, 2015

    It’s best to get these trial and error things out of the way. :3 That way if it ever happens on something you’re even more serious about you’ll be all like ‘Pshaw, I got this.’

    and gurl

    You got this!



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