First live workshop project!

By on August 25, 2015

This past Sunday was my first time live streaming my workshop, and I must say it was pretty fun! I did have a hard time getting it up and running at first, but I hope I’ll get better with time! For the first broadcast I chose to demonstrate how I create mockups in photoshop using my modded Souldoll Asiter head. Doing mockups is great because you can learn more about what works with the sculpt in a way that doesn’t drive you mad. I had initially thought about doing a very dark and intense faceup for this particular head since it has a lot of epoxy modifications (that was it’s condition when I bought it). When I saw Mad Max I thought maybe this doll would work with a look like Furiosa. Doing the mock-up I could see that if this head needs to embody a character as cool as Furiosa then I’m going to need to mod it more. I want it to look more realistic and portray a brooding attitude. Right now it seems the eyes are too open and cartoonish for what I’m going for. I would have not known that just looking at the blank sculpt. Now I know my next step! I will start making more modifications to the head, which I welcome all of you to watch me doing on the workshop channel! So stay tuned!

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    August 25, 2015

    So sad I missed the broadcast but congrats! I can’t wait to catch the next one.

    Yes please to Furiosa! I’m writing a Citadel fanfic and am about to start my Nux car miniature project! More Mad Max please!!



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