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By on August 13, 2015


To commemorate this joyous occasion of returning back to blogging, doing the hobbies I love, my dream trip to Japan, and the start of live streaming my workshop on Twitch I am having a giveaway! (Are you as excited as I am!?) During my month long trip in Japan this past spring I managed to pick up a few goodies from the places I’ve visited with the idea of sharing my experience with you! If I could have I would have brought all of Japan back to share with you all, but I will have to work with limitations. For this giveaway you will receive a super package of souvenirs from my trip along with a few snacks from Mitsuwa Marketplace! (all items shown above! Keep reading for how to enter.) Here is a breakdown of what you’ll receive if you win the giveaway!

20150810_1820171. First are two secret gachapon prizes! I’m not going to tell you what machines they are from! Mwuahaha!

2. & 3. I made it a mission to visit a Tama Depa, or Tamagotchi department store, so I ended up visiting both stores in Tokyo! I got some Tamagotchi stickers and a limited edition paper fan with an adorable pattern of the newest tamagotchi characters!

20150810_181407  20150810_1814554. Puccho is a soft candy similar to Hi-Chew that has little jelly bits mixed in. They did a special collaboration with Jump From Paper so the packaging looks like one of their signature 2D-like bags. This specific bag I got has their Spaceman bag design!20150810_18121120150810_181607

5. I took a trip to Joyful Honda while in Tokyo, and HOLY MOLEY that place is ginormous! They had a pretty large craft department there and it was filled with all different kinds of kawaii things. My heart couldn’t take it. One thing that I think Japan has got down pat are felting kits. They have lots, and all of them so incredibly adorable! I saw many toy poodles while in Japan, so I thought why not get a felt kit one!20150810_181846

6. The Pokemon Center in Osaka was another big destination that was a must visit. When I turned the corner and saw all the Pokemon items I got as excited as 12 year old me would have been! It was amazing! I saw this 8-bit pokeball keychain and just had to buy it no matter what. It’s so cool looking!20150810_181719

7. Whistle candy is a great novelty item of Japan. You can place it between your pursed lips and blow through the hole in the center to make a pretty loud whistling sound. It’s like having whistling training wheels. Haha! This particular one is ramune flavored.20150810_181636

8. While in Akihabara I made sure to visit the Eorzea Cafe, which is a theme cafe centered around the game Final Fantasy XIV! (Do you play? I’m on Behemoth server!) During your stay you are given a coaster with every item you order. I managed to collect quite a few, so I wanted to spread the love. This one features awesome artwork of the primal Leviathan. (I will be covering more about my time at the cafe in a future post!)

20150810_1819399. A special Japan prize would not be complete without Doraemon! Here is a chocolate filled monaka (mochi wafer treat) in the shape of Doraemon. It took a lot of strength not to eat it myself! LOL.20150810_181959

10. Since the summer in Japan is a time for scary stories, the supernatural and monsters (yokai) I thought this gum candy was so awesome to add. Each gumball has a dark coating with a secret flavor on the inside that changes your tongue colors. They have purple, yellow, and blue in the bag. Which color will the gum turn your tongue?!20150810_181551

11. I was so excited to visit the famous deer park near Todaiji Temple. It was amazing, and not once did I have a negative experience with any of the deer! They were all pretty polite… well for deer. A lot of the gifts shops around and in Todaiji feature Shikamaro-kun, who is the official mascot of Nara. This led me to ponder why we don’t have adorable city mascots here in the US. Then a little tear flowed down my cheek. SO! I picked up this squishy little Shikamaro-kun keychain featuring him eating the special crackers you can buy for feeding the deer in Nara. Too adorable!20150810_181917

12. Lastly, but not leastly (uh, what?), we have a super kawaii combo here! Stationary in Japan is very important, and it shows. The stationary section in Tokyu Hands will blow yah mind! One of my favorite things are the tiny memo pads that feature adorable characters. I love using them as little thank you notes for packages or even using them in crafting. The designs are always sweet and playful. With this Korilakkuma pad I had to include an awesome Rilakkuma pencil to write with of course!



How to Enter!

Ok! So how do you win this awesome super package of souvenirs from Japan!? Well here’s how!

Step 1: Make sure you’re following Meggilu House on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch!

Step 2: Re-Tweet or Re-Gram the special giveaway posts (here and here) while making sure to include the giveaway rules and hashtag #meggilujapangiveaway. You can RT and RG as multiple times, but please refrain from spamming.

And that’s it! Pretty simple!

Deadline and Picking the Winner!

This giveaway will be running from August 12th to August 23rd at 12am EST. On August 23rd I will pick 3 finalists at random; one from instagram reposts, one from retweets, and one from Twitch followers using Then out of the 3 finalists I will pick one winner, again using

The winner will be announced during the very first live stream of the Meggilu House workshop on! So be sure to tune in to the channel on August 23rd at 7pm EST when the winner is announced. Don’t fear if you cannot make it to the stream and you are the winner. The winner will get a PM and have 24 hours to respond and accept the prize. If a response is not received within the 24 hour limit another winner will be chosen from the other 2 finalists. If none of the 3 finalists respond, the process for picking another winner will restart until a responding winner is finally chosen.

I wish you all luck and I hope to see you during my live stream on August 23rd! During the stream I will be working on customizing my Blythe Evey! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

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    Lock Nessy

    August 15, 2015

    I’m so excited for this!

    And not just the goodies!

    I’ve been a fan of yours for years upon years and I’m looking forward to seeing your newest venture!


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      August 15, 2015

      Aw thank you so much. It warms my heart to hear that! I’m excited to be back!

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    August 16, 2015

    I am so glad you are back! 🙂

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      August 16, 2015

      Yay!! I’m glad to see you here too! 😀



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