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Giveaway – Souvenir Package from Japan!

By on August 13, 2015

To commemorate this joyous occasion of returning back to blogging, doing the hobbies I love, my dream trip to Japan, and the start of live streaming my workshop on Twitch I am having a giveaway! (Are you as excited as I am!?) During my month long trip in Japan…


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Jbox package (treat yo’self)!

By on September 5, 2014

This summer I ordered randomly from JBox¬†to brighten my mood. You know those days where you just wish something was coming in the mail for you? So, you decide to make that exact thing happen. And who wouldn’t get excited about a box like this?

Inside were 3 different Kracie…


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doll photoshop magic.

By on September 3, 2014

In June, I was asked to help with the ordering process of a Volks FCS. I was to create mock-ups for the client to show the artists how they wished their dolls’ to look. I was happy to help as this wasn’t as involved as doing actual face-ups, but…


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Summer spurs a purge!

By on August 29, 2014

I’m rather disappointed in myself considering that I’ve done barely anything here. I haven’t done much of the school work I was supposed to do either. For some reason, and there has to be a scientific explanation for this, I became obsessed with purging my space of junk and…


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Getting things in order.

By on May 30, 2014

In the middle of this month turned 3! It doesn’t feel like it’s been 3 years, but I’m so happy it’s here.

I’ve taken some steps needed for getting my site back up and running. First on my list was to allow everyone to be able to view the…


Artist and forever child who has a love for all things cute, nerdy, outdoorsy, and spooky. Dream goals include; working in movies, living in or yearly visiting Japan, thru-hiking the AT, recording an album, and owning a house (with a library and a farm).


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