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zaerimon(DAC Aurora Volks) –

Cammie(Soom RRH) –
goodbyeyouhellome(MNF Shushu) –


Heidi (BJD x3 Nov. 2015)
Vivian (DS Hound Twins Oct. 2016)
Alyssa(Volks SD10 Coco/MDR Fang Jan 2017)
Felicia (Fairyland)
Sher (Fairyland)
Laura (Volks)
Sailorchiron (Fairyland ID01)
Inti (Blythe & BJD repairs)
Alisa (MDR Fang)
Erika (Minifee Risse NS)
Whitewings (Heartstrung Ruse)
Denise(Lillycat Ellana)
EvaFriedel (Volks SD13 Megu)

RenateD(DollnDoll Loren)
Cammie(NYXdoll HeYe)
Lynn (DT Estella)
ElizabethB(IoS Anima WS)
ErinP(Angell Studio Elizabeth)
HerrLucifell(Volks F-31)
Terry(White Luster Sylva head & antlers)
AlexR(Obitsu Petite P-Chan)
LindsayN(SoulKid Fafner)
Ren(Fairyland faceup repair)
Parisbvamp(Dollshe Saintx2 w/ mock-up)
Becque(Dollzone Choco)
Bri(Distant Memory Sunho)
Cammie(Soom Chrom & shoes)
Bellaboo (Soom Tristan 2 heads + fantasy parts)
Autumn(Lillycat Constantine)
Rebekah(Delf Soony)
Immie (Pipos)
Kei-chan2008(Switch Gyoha)
Em(Chibi Unoa x3)
AlexR(Obitsu Petite P-Chan)
precious_lil_lilly(Fairyland Eva)
sugarypillow(M10 Dal)