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Renaissance costume – Crafting fail 2; Megan 0.

By on September 27, 2015

Well here we are again. Another project in the “fail” stage on the long process of learning and achieving goals. Good grief! So, as mentioned in the previous post I had decided to revamp an old Renfaire costume within a very short deadline. I thought it would be easy enough, but I ran into problems that cost the whole project. This biggest factor I suppose was time and money. So instead of trying to create a whole new bodice, chemise, and use new extravagant fabrics that would cost tons, I decided I would use the dying process as a way to be more cost saving savvy. Well! I wasn’t expecting things to not dye black! My costume ended up looking like a Joker/Renaissance crossover! I was not happy, and I’m not a huge Joker fan at all…


By the time I was done dying my things, trying to get them black, it was already 4am on the Saturday I was to wake up early and go to Renfaire. I also had a crown of black twigs and crystals that I thought was turning out ok, but just did not belong with this costume at all. I gave up the fight and just went in a lovely lace dress (as seen on my Instagram). I also really needed to sleep! It was disheartening and I felt like I wasted so much time and money. However, on a high note, Renfaire was amazing and so much fun. It was also great to see and be inspired by everyone’s great costumes. It motivated me to keep working on my witchy Renaissance costume for next year. With more time I really want to have at it and create exactly what I’m envisioning. Even if it means with won’t be done until two years from now! I just have a plan and I must follow through! Back to the drawing board!


September 30, 2015




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