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Returning to Commissions

By on November 20, 2015

Recently I decided to start taking commission again for BJDs. It was exciting to get back to the doll world, but I couldn’t help feeling really nervous. Had it been…


Now taking commissions!

By on October 20, 2015

After a long weekend I believe I finally have my new commission process worked out and ready to accept new projects! So please head over to the commission page if…


Failures and lessons.

By on August 31, 2015

Everyone fails at something, sometime in their life. Maybe even a million time before a breakthrough occurs! There’s one thing I struggle with and that is facing failure. Sometimes…

Dolls Tutorials

Creating Eyebrows for BJDs (Part I)

By on March 5, 2012

When it comes to adding eyebrows to the 3D surface of a BJD sculpt there are many things to consider. It may seem overwhelming at first, but there are…