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Bringing back the crafts!

By on August 19, 2015

Today is the first craft inspired post of the new Meggilu House! I have to be honest, I was a little bit hesitant about having a mixed blog featuring all my different interests and hobbies, but if I didn’t I think I’d either get bored or go crazy. My focus, ideas, and interests have a tendency to cycle and change. That’s just who I am. So this should blog represent who I am, right?! So, I designated Tuesday’s to the art and craft themed posts!

Do you remember the mandrake/mandragora hats I would make for Blythe dolls? Well, I have been planning for a while to make the pattern available for fellow Blythe and crochet lovers to buy to make mandy hats themselves! Then I thought, why not make a little e-book featuring a bunch of different craft patterns I designed? I would get to have fun with designing the book’s layout too! So exciting!

Now my first task is to create and gather more sewing, knitting, crochet patterns for Blythe. Maybe I will also add some furniture or prop patterns! Then, I will transcribe them all and begin working on photos and book design! I will be sure to keep posting updates about the book’s progress here as I go along!

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I will be introducing my new Blythe girls I “adopted” while in Japan! They will be the future models of the book!




Artist and forever child who has a love for all things cute, nerdy, outdoorsy, and spooky. Dream goals include; working in movies, living in or yearly visiting Japan, thru-hiking the AT, recording an album, and owning a house (with a library and a farm).


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