Reserve Face-Up Commission

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Please read over each step below thoroughly before reserving a commission.

Step 1 – Read info

What is a “face-up”?

A face-up is the adding of aesthetic detail to the face/head of a ball jointed doll using high-quality paints, pastels, and mediums. In this instance, it will only be referring to resin doll heads only, and not involve any modifications such as carving, sculpting, body work or color-matching.



Base price (all doll sizes) – $125
(This includes down-payment, one mock-up, cleaning and basic face-up.)
Eyelashes applied only if supplied by client.

Prices for extra work (face tattoos, freckles, facial hair, etc.), based on complexity, will be discussed and agreed upon prior to reservation.



Golden or Vallejo Matte Varnish (sealant with airbrush) 
Liquitex, Golden, Winsor&Newton acrylics and gouache (paints)
Unison and Rembrandt (pastels)
Windsor & Newton Brush Cleaner & Restorer, Magic Eraser, and 90% alcohol (cleaning)



I uphold the right to deny services at any time. Dolls in my possession will be returned to their owner, face up or not, current face up intact or wiped, depending on the situation, at your expense.
Always be aware that situations may occur that cause me to have to halt commissions, even if there are still clients with reservations.
If doll is completed and final payment cannot be made I will hold your doll until an agreement can be reached.
Face-up reservation down payments are non-refundable.
Dolls are worked on in order they are received. I try to complete within 3-4 weeks of their arrival but can take longer depending on current work-load.
You will be charged full price for each redo; requested or required because of  request. Consultations and mock-ups are provided for each doll to limit this occurrence.
Doll face-ups are delicate. Damage to the face-up in transit is always possible, even with face masks. Be aware you are shipping at your own risk.


 Step 3 – Make Reservation.

Reserve Face-up – $35

Contact Email


Step 3 – Contact me to discuss face-up plans.

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Step 4 – Mock-up will be created, discussed, and face-up’s design agreed upon.

Step 5 – Send doll for face-up.

Step 6 – Completed face-ups are reviewed by owner, remaining balance paid, and doll returns home.