It’s time for a little vacation.

By on May 23, 2014

Today I am going to head out to go camping for Memorial Day weekend. I’m excited to finally get back to the outdoors after what felt like an eternity stuck here doing work for school. This weekend will be the bridge back into the dolly hobby, my site, and my artistry. I will get back to focusing on what I really like to do now that I have some more time to do it! I’ve been looking for inspiration and I believe it’s working out. I can’t wait to get started.

To my surprise, this semester ended up being a success. I was very anxious about it because I took classes with heavy work loads, and I knew one professor demanded quality work for a top grade. I stressed myself out so badly that I was doing homework that should have taken 6 hours in a week for more like 16! Thankfully, I got out alive with an A in their class! It was then that I knew that maybe I need to calm down a bit and not be such an overachiever, for the sake of my well being. During the final class we critiqued our final project along with our whole portfolio of projects done for the class. Our final had to be a life-sized portrait. I thought I’d die first before finishing (I’ve never done something that big), but it is now one of my favorite fine art pieces I’ve done. That’s when you know you’re in a great class. Well, until next time! Have a great weekend everyone!




Artist and forever child who has a love for all things cute, nerdy, outdoorsy, and spooky. Dream goals include; working in movies, living in or yearly visiting Japan, thru-hiking the AT, recording an album, and owning a house (with a library and a farm).


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