Jbox package (treat yo’self)!

By on September 5, 2014
This summer I ordered randomly from JBox to brighten my mood. You know those days where you just wish something was coming in the mail for you? So, you decide to make that exact thing happen. And who wouldn’t get excited about a box like this?

Inside were 3 different Kracie candy play/make sets, a bunch of sailor moon stickers, and a pair of funny sailor moon cardboard glasses as a special gift. I was not expecting those! So hysterical.

First from the box we have the candy from called “gumi tsureta” or, I believe, “gummy fishing” in grape flavor. I was most excited about this because the way you make it is indeed magical (see below). As for the taste and texture of this candy I would say that making it is way more enjoyable. Not too terrible though.

Next we have a Kracie PopinCookin’ kit called “oegaki gumi rando” or literally “drawing picture gummy land”. With this kit you make different flavor juices or syrups and drip them into a cutter shape pressed into a sugar substance. The result is a colorful gummy animal or object. Quite fun to play with and not too bad tasting! The texture is a bit gritty but sweetness trumps all!

I did not get a picture or video of playing with this kit as I was too absorbed into making it. However, you can see the candy in action here featured on RRcherrypie Group’s channel.

Kracie Popin’ Cookin’ “Tanoshi Osushi-ya san” was the biggest kit I bought. I was so excited to make the candy fish roe, but failed in my attempt to make it. For some reason my mixture stayed really clumpy. However, this was fun to make and eat! This is the only time I would say that the nori was the most delicious part! It was like a fruity, chewier tootsie roll. I would definitely buy it again for another attempt.

Lastly, we have the best stickers in the universe! To the cute loving, child at heart, stickers are still like precious gems. I don’t know what to stick them on… I love stickers but I hate ruining using them. I just want to look at them forever on their protective backing. (“but Meg, they’re just stickers”) HEATHEN! *cough*
…I got a sticker pack with all the scouts, and then two specific sticker packs for my favorite scouts, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. Who’s your favorite?

I hope you all have a great weekend! Make sure to check back on Monday for “Adventure Monday!” I shall sign out with the goofiest, dorkiest picture of me ever in my new special glasses. Bye!



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