Just saw some serious sh#%.

By on September 23, 2015

So a couple of weeks ago I came across this, and was instantly hit with a surprise brick of happiness!


I had no idea that Hot Toys even existed, let alone that they created a 1/6th figure of Marty McFly and the Delorean time machine! Not to mention with the most accuracy and detail that I’ve ever seen. Maybe there has been something like this or better before, but it’d be news to me! I have made it a goal to get my own Marty. Not only has the movie been a big part of my childhood growing up, but Marty McFly is one of my favorite characters ever (and Michael J. Fox is also amazing)!


All the detail in the clothes and props have me floored. The only thing missing is the branding from the props and clothing, which I have seen people take the time to add themselves. And for a 1/6th figure I think Marty’s face is really well done. Even though it might not look like Michael J. Fox to a T, it still does resemble him a whole lot and the eyes are so life-like!



So sorry future BJD’s, looks like I will be saving up for McFly over here! It is my density! I hope he doesn’t become sold out before I can save up enough! Have to stop being a scaredy loser and putting off work or getting my artwork out there! Goddammit it’s your livelihood woman! *shakes self* Ok, getting sidetracked. CHECK OUT THE PROPS AND PARTS! For $235 I’d say this figure is well worth that price. I cannot wait!






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