Meet the New Blythe Girls!

By on August 20, 2015

While in Japan I went a little doll crazy! I bought way more dolls than I thought I would. I had originally intended to get just one, my dream doll a Volks F-26. I wanted to get her through Volk’s Full Choice System thinking that it’d be possible because of my long stay. However, Tenshi no Sato is like Gandalf and if you’re a foreigner “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” So, I resorted to use MANDARAKE as my main source of seeking out Volks BJDs and other types of dolls. The Volks I did find in all the MANDARAKE across Japan (well it felt like it) were not an F-26 and it didn’t seem worth buying a BJD I wasn’t 100% into.

I did keep my eye out for the Blythe dolls though, and after the second store in Osaka I found a Hello Harvest, practically like new, with all her accessories and in box! I’ve been wanting her for a very long time! Then in Tokyo I found a replacement EBL Samedi Marche for the one I used to have, and an EBL Rogue Noir. The EBL Blythe is my favorite version so I had to get another one! The Rogue Noir was only 18000 yen ($145.31 at the time)! My last MANDARAKE store was in Akihabara where I found my second highly coveted Blythe, Wendy Weekender!! So that’s how I ended up with four Blythe!! I also made sure that when I went to Azone I bought them each a pure neemo body. I have big customization plans for the Rogue Noir. The other ones will be staying stock for now because their stock for is already so cute! We’ll see what happens.


Meet Margot! (Hello Harvest)


Meet Luna! (EBL Samedi Marche)


Meet Witchy Hazel! (EBL Rogue Noir)


Meet Elodie! (Wendy Weekender)

Tune in next week when I introduce the other girls from the Japan trip bunch! It will include my new Licca’s, Azone, and Obitsu dolls! Thanks for reading!




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