My Dolls

Meet my very first Blythe doll. She is a Mademoiselle Rosebud that I purchased in April 2006. She is the only doll that has stayed with me this long, and of course because she was my first! I am currently in the process of modding her to have an open mouth with teeth showing and hope to reroot her hair so she can have a real fringe instead of the wonky one she has now.



I got Bikou originally in September of 2010 as she was first a Crobidoll Jerome. Later, Bikou began to transfer over to my Asleep Eidolon Mu, who is still waiting for her body. The character of Bikou is somewhat a fanfic character to the anime Wolf’s Rain. I envisioned her being a wolf giving off the illusion of being human. She is meant to belong in the human tribe the main characters pass while on the journey to paradise. I have yet to complete her story.


Maki-chan is one of Licca-chan’s little twin sisters. I bought her on my trip to Japan in Spring 2015. I have intentions of customizing her to embody my character Momo-chuu, a taru taru from Final Fantasy XI. She fits the proportions and look pretty well!







Past BJDs;
Elfdoll Sooah
Bobobie Sprite
Luts NaNuRi
Crobidoll Jerome
Fairydoll LTF Ante elf