Japan Japan Trip 2015

My trip to Japan.

By on August 21, 2015


From May 20th to June 22nd of this year I took my dream trip to Japan. It’s still a surreal thought at this very moment that I even was able to go. The days leading up to the trip I could feel myself slowly getting more nervous and bewildered. I kept thinking more and more, “Holy crap! I’m actually doing this!” Not only was it scary that I was going on a 15+ hour flight to a land very far away from home, but that I was doing it alone! Alone! When I went down the airport escalator after saying goodbye to my best friend, it really hit me hard. I was going to go on a huge adventure all by myself and there was no turning back!

One thing I would like to mention is that my first trip was something I wanted to experience emotionally and physically as complete as possible. So I refrained having too much documentation getting in the way this time around (I expected to vlog everyday but it turned out to be too difficult to fit in). I plan to do more when I return (and  hopefully become more fluent in Japanese). What I do have from the first trip is still exciting to share with everyone and I hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1: Overall Experience

Preparing for the Trip

My Accommodations


Last Days & Going Home

Funny & Embarrassing Stories

Plans for My Next Trip

The Food

Chapter 1: What I Bought

Blind Boxes

Art & Crafts

Toys & Games

Tokyo Disney

Dolls, Dolls, & More Dolls!


For the Home

Chapter 2: Places I Visited

Entertaining Places

Tokyo Disney

Studio Ghibli Museum

Eorzea Cafe

Toy Stores

Animal Cafes

Doll Shops

Movie Theatre

Tokyu Hands

Pokemon Center


Joyful Honda

Temples, Shrines, & Historic Japan


Tokyo National Museum

Asakusa & Tokyo Sky Tree


Fushimi Inari Taisha


Meiji Jingu

Yasaka Shrine & Gion




Artist and forever child who has a love for all things cute, nerdy, outdoorsy, and spooky. Dream goals include; working in movies, living in or yearly visiting Japan, thru-hiking the AT, recording an album, and owning a house (with a library and a farm).


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