Name swap!

By on September 30, 2015

From the moment I purchased my 17inch Clawdeen Monster High doll I had been trying to think up what kind of character this doll would be. I was finding it hard to think up any ideas or get inspired. So I thought perhaps if I got all of her makeup off and tested some wigs something would surface. The initial result of this experiment, a bare face and wig of rolling locks, was that she looked so cute and sweet. Great! I’ve been wanting to use the name Lille for a character for a while and I thought it would be a wonderful fit… sort of.


On the other side of the doll story there was Luna, my EBL Samedi Marche Blythe. When I was going on a crazy Blythe purchasing spree I was working my brain to name all of my new girls. Samedi was the hardest one to name. You know when a doll’s name will just come to you because of how she/he looks? Well, this little one’s face kept giving me the “L” name vibe, but I could only think of Luna, Lulu, or Lele. I wasn’t sold on those names, so I just gave up and chose what I thought was the best of the three; Luna. Deep down “Luna” still didn’t feel right, but I didn’t want to introduce her without a name! (What!? Naming dolls can be this big of a deal? YES! Character creation is serious business! Haha!) As time went on I needed to do something, and luckily I was able to come to a perfect solution!

Name swap!


I follow Lora_Arellano on Instagram as she is so inspiring and one awesome, talented lady! I was surfing my dashboard one day when I come across her spectacular posts! I instantly thought of my Clawdeen and who she would become. I loves the dark glassy brown eyes and the overall sultry look paired with body mods. Just seeing this gave me a bunch of other ideas for creating my doll’s character and style. Woo! Inspiration!


Now that I had more of an idea what direction to take her in I knew for sure Lille would no longer work as a name. The revelation unfolded. Hey! You know what would work perfectly? Luna! But then what about my Samedi Marche…? I couldn’t have dolls with the same name. (Why do I always run into this problem?) Wait! Durr! Name swap!

 Name swap!

You can stop with that now.

Ok sorry…

Now Luna is Lille and Lille is Luna and we can all celebrate! I am very excited to get Luna (Clawdeen) started in her transformation. I decided I would try doing an eye opening on her since she is more like a BJD and I am not familiar with painting 2D eyes on a vinyl doll. I’m not familiar with opening eyes on one either, but I seem to think that it go just fine… With my past two project turn-outs I don’t know what to believe anymore. Haha. You live and you learn! Crossing fingers that I hope I will still have after I attempt this! See you soon!




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