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Renaissance Faire 2015 – Costume

By on September 15, 2015

I’m the type to get a surge of ideas for a project way too last minute. For some crazy reason I believe that it’s possible for a person with intermediate sewing skills, at best, to take on elaborate and detailed costume design with less than a week until deadline. Ha. This is going to be interesting.

I decided to go to the Renaissance Faire only about 3 weeks ago. Every time I go I want to dress up. I have this very simple wench ensemble that I would wear every time. Well I’m bored with it! I want to recreate it into something more spectacular and a bit more fantasy. I love the folklore of witches(mages/sorcerers), for far way too many reasons to get into here, and anytime I feel there is a prime opportunity to portray one I’m all over it. RenFaire is that time!

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So far I’ve done reference and inspiration searches, drew up ideas, and bought some supplies. You can see some of my favorite inspirational findings on my special RenFaire Pinterest board! Many people out there have made such amazing costumes and it is ok to draw inspiration from their creations. Looking for inspiration really helps when you know exactly what you want, you just don’t know how it should look or if your idea will even work.

I came up with something more on the simpler side since there’s a time limit, and I feel like I was getting way too carried away with ideas. I’m crossing my fingers that I can put together something even this simple. I hope to slowly keep transforming it and making it better as I get more practice at sewing and pattern making. Then hopefully by next year I’ll have the optimal geddup. A more elaborate bodice/corset and a collar is what I hope to achieve in the future. Right now it’s just a normal short bodice, chemise, 2 skirts, a hooded cloak, and dark natural crown made of twigs and crystals.


Tonight I will probably go out on a midnight hunt for some “nature” for my crown. I really hope the crown works out. I’ll be really sad if it doesn’t. LOL. Then I need to find a good cloak pattern and get that started. Those are the two pieces that will be likely give me the most trouble since my vision for each are not solid. BUT THERE ISN’T TIME!! I’m just gonna have at it and hope for the best!! I also have to fix and rework my old chemise and skirt, make my second skirt, then dye all the fabrics accordingly. Then it’s off to the Renaissance Festival! I’m going to be at the one in Tuxedo, NY this Saturday. Who else is going?! Maybe I’ll see you there!




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